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Valentine's Gifts for HIM

ACQUA DI GIO COLOGNE - this is a gift for you and your guy. It smells like heaven, I bought it for Davey and I love when he wears it

HOT SAUCE KIT - I got this for Davey as a Christmas gift and he loved it. Super unique gift for the hot sauce lover in your life

FLEECE LINED CROCS - perfect for the cold weather. The men in my family are big Crocs fans

LULULEMON LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT - Davey now has this shirt in 3 colors. It's probably his favorite Lulu thing he owns

YETI TUMBLER - keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. In the words of Mike Mayernick, "you can never have too many yetis."

THE COMFY - Michael got one of these a couple of years back and now he gets them for all of his buddies as gifts. Comes in a bunch of patterns & colors!

THERAGUN - we got this for my dad for Christmas and we all love to use it.

LULULEMON JOGGERS - Davey, my dad and my brothers all love a pair of Lulu joggers. These look so good on them!

ADIDAS CLOUDFOAM SHOES - my dad has these in 3 colors, Davey has them in 2. They say they're the comfiest tennis shoes they've ever worn

LULULEMON BOXERS - splurge and get your guy a nice pair of boxers! Lululemon's are top of the line & a perfect practical gift

SECRID WALLET - keeps your credit card information secure & is really nice leather. Push the black button at the bottom and it makes your cards pop out! Davey and some of our other guy friends have these and love them.

XTRA TUF BOOTS - Davey and a lot of our guy friends also have these boots. I got them for Davey as a Christmas gift and he wears them all the time.

SITKA HAT - another gift that I got Davey for Christmas that he wears constantly :) Sitka is the equivalent of Louis Vuitton for hunters haha

UGG SLIPPERS - my dad and Davey have these and live in them when we're at home. Davey wears his in public alot too.. probably one of his favorite gifts he's ever gotten

ABLE BACKPACK - made from the highest quality leather, it will last him forever. Also, these bags are made by women who have overcome homelessness and other adverse circumstances.

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