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9.15.18 <3


The fam in the Bahamas - we love to travel


Love our lil fam :)


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I’m really fortunate to have a job that’s fulfills my passion and purpose. I went to Uganda for the first time when I was 12 and have been back at least once a year every year since– that country is home to some of the people + relationships I value the most in this world. My role as Director of Fundraising & Development is so fulfilling - I. Love. It. !!!!

If you’re wondering why I started this website… to be honest, over the past few years I’ve gained a following that I didn’t really seek out. I wasn’t intentional about what I was posting, but Love One was growing quickly and as it grew, more and more people started following me. It got to a point where I was like “okay God, there’s thousands of sets of eyes watching what I’m doing and what I’m saying, help me to be more intentional about what I share and give me the words to say.” I started getting DM’s from girls and women asking all kinds of questions…some were surface level – where I get my clothes, recommendations for products, etc. But others came from women desperate for advice, encouragement and truth. My ultimate goal is always to allow Him to use me and I pray that everyone who follows me or sees my page sees and is drawn to JESUS. Without Him, I have nothing and what I say or do has no purpose. 



In some ways, my life has been pretty normal. I’m a born-and-raised Nashville, TN native and attended a small Christian school K-12. I went to college at the University of Tennessee & got a degree in Child and Family Studies (GO VOLS). One month after graduation, I married my love, Davey, and we currently live outside of Nashville with our maltipoo pup, Nash. 

On the other hand, there’s a lot about my life that’s looked pretty atypical. I’m the 2nd oldest of 8 kids (and no that's not a typo) … my siblings are my best friends and our family is extremely close :)

I work full-time for my family’s non-profit, Love One International, which provides life-saving medical care and rehabilitative services for critically-ill children in Uganda. My mom started Love One because of my sister, JosieLove… we adopted her from Uganda 10 years ago & she was extremely sick when we met her (she was 3.5 years old and weighed 12 pounds). After seeing how love and quality medical care completely transformed her, my mom felt the Lord calling her to start something to help other children who are in the same condition JosieLove was & would die otherwise.


Meet the Fam!

Left to Right: JosieLove (#7), MillerAnne (#5), Davey (my hubby), me (#2), Caleb (#8), my dad, my mom, Michael (#3), Annabelle (#4), Joshua (#6), Tuta (#1)


my hunny & our fur child :)


Mom & I hanging with our buddies at the Love One Center

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